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Dear Robin,

We are delighted with the photographs which you took of us all last summer. As always, and we cannot believe you have been taking our family photos for twenty three years, they are absolutely beautiful. You have captured the children's personalities again! Thank you for being so patient and making them feel so at ease - we will treasure the memories of our studio session watching the children be themselves and of having that special time together to create such lovely images.

Henry & Rachel x

Dear Robin,

...We have now got them all up on the wall and they are a fantastic set, we are very pleased. It was a very positive experience from start to finish and you really are a true professional.

Clare, Worcester.

Dear Robin,

....When we were over we knew that we had made the correct choice in picking you as our photograopher. It was a pleasure to deal with a true gentleman and professional.

Regards Liam and Kate

Hi Robin,

I just wanted to thank you once again, for the wonderful photographs. Everyone that I have shown or given them to has been very impressed with them, to the extent thatone of my daughter-in-laws was so movedthat she cried! 

I wish you all the best for 2020.

Sue Boyle.

Morning Robin,

I just wanted to say thank you from the bottom of our hearts. We sat for hours last night pouring through the photos, they are absolutely fantastic and everything that we could have wished for. I am shattered this morning as we couldn't leave them alone and ended up going to bed quite late! All of our friends and family have said how beautiful, funny and memorable they all are, there is a perfect balance of everything and you truly captured the day exactly how we wanted to remember it!


Lots of love

Dave and Jade

To see Dave and Jade's wedding photos click here